The Life and Death of an Awakened Being

Karmapa himself was the teaching lesson.

The Sixteenth Karmapa was the leader of one of Tibetan Buddhism's four major schools of spiritual teachings: the Kagyu lineage.

How he lived and how he died gives us the example of an awakened being, a person with a noble heart.

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"I just got the new version of Recalling a Buddha which is a magnificent presentation of the life of His Holiness the 16th Karmapa. This is a wonderful production filled with amazing photographs and interviews of eminent meditation masters from across the Tibetan pantheon.

It is a beautifully presented story of an incredible and inspiring person. People of all religious traditions will find something to celebrate in this inspiring video."
— reviewer
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Produced over a five-year period, Recalling a Buddha is a "Buddhist documentary" in the fullest and truest sense, coming as it does from very deep within the tradition... It's not about esoteric aspects of Buddhist thought and practice so much as it's about a way of being... It's a mark of the film's excellence and uniqueness that it uses the medium in such a way that it's difficult to place it among traditional forms of Buddhist art and literature.
Journal of Film & Religion

Recalling a Buddha at the Rio in Santa Cruz

From the Santa Cruz show
in November